Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria--Gender: a Wider Lens Podcast

Activists claim that ROGD is not a real thing yet some parents insist that ROGD perfectly describes something that they’re seeing in their teenagers...

12/18/2020. Gender: a Wider Lens podcast covers the topic of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria.

Gender: A Wider Lens is a new podcast series that explores gender, identity, and transition from a psychological perspective. In episode 2, “Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria”, practicing therapists Stella O’Malley and Sasha Ayad engage in a fascinating conversation where they explore the topic, share their experiences of working with teens with adolescent-onset gender questioning, and provide context from other generations and cultures.

04/10/2020. Sasha Ayad and I spoke with Benjamin Boyce about gender dysphoria